Say Goodbye To Plagiarism!

Activity 1

So, how do you not accidentally plagiarize someone’s work and NOT get sued? You don’t. You can always cite who you got it from though! I learned that if you cite where you got it from, it is legal. They require you to do 4 basic references when doing this. Author(image, name, screenname), date(when posted or released), title(name of image) and publication data(link to website where image is found). This is some helpful information, if used correctly. You also don’t get in trouble if you do, so have at it!

Activity 2

Image result for an image

Picture From: TinEye (Date and Title are on link)

He Stands Alone

The man, separated from the rest ,

The green creeping over,

Eyes deep and hollow, like space,

An obelisk stands out

 The grass gets taller,

It seems he shrinks, 

With nowhere to hide,

The man stands alone

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  1. I learned from this that you can get sued from plagiarism, but maybe you could’ve left what website you learned this from.

    1. That is a good point. The thing is I got it off of Mrs. Ives because she said to be careful choosing a background image so you don’t get sued for copyright laws. I also could have included that too. Thanks for the suggestion!

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