If Only For A Week…..

Have you ever thought what it would be like and what you would do if you were principal? Well, let me paint you a picture…


You are the principal at  a school called “Shirley Mann Elementary”. You can do whatever you want. Here is what I would do. First, I would fire three different teachers. Mrs. Trego, Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Chrisco(sorry if I absolutely butchered the names on spelling). Second, I would make it “Popcorn Friday” one day and Kona Ice every other day. Third, I would make lunch taste WAY and I would extend recess to an hour long. Finally, I would put up posters promoting student council, let the election happen, and give immense power to the president elected. Then I would simply let them do my job for me.Image result for satisfied principal gif


How to ACTUALLY be a Principal

Now you are a teacher. What do you do now?


For one, I would start a revolution against the principal. I would listen to my fellow teachers and pull aside who doesn’t like the principal. Then when I had enough support, I would declare independence. I would say that we don’t want to be under YOUR terrible rule and teach under YOUR terrible way of teaching. Then I would interview children on what they think about the principal and use that as ammunition(figuratively speaking). When we finally gained independence I would let the teachers elect a new principal. The when that was over I would let kids band together behind teachers to form “continents“. Then kids would band together behind a teacher from that group of teachers to form a country. Then kids would band together themselves or under teacher assistants to make states. 

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What Makes A Good Teacher?


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