Good Comments; Crispy, With Quality

What Is a Good Comment?

To be blunt, a good comment is a highway comment. A bad comment is a dead-end comment. Now, you ask, what exactly is a “highway comment” or a “dead-end comment”? That is why I said “to be blunt”. It’s a mystery. Duh duh DUH! That was an onomatopoeia! Well, anyways, back on topic. A highway comment is a comment(obviously) that starts a conversation. A dead-end comment is what you would guess, a comment that leads to no conversation. Here is how you make a highway comment!

  1. Go to the blog you want to comment on. Make sure you see the “Add Comment” tab on the side.
  2. Go over to the white box under “add comment” and click on it.
  3. Type what you want to say, but make sure it is a highway comment! Here is one for reference:                 Wow! I really like how you avatar represents you. I can connect because I made mine reresent me too.
  4. Click the blue “Post Comment” button. Your comment should appear in the box above the “Add Comment” box.
  5. Sit back and Wait for them to reply!